V O I C E B O T3000 System

The VoiceBot 3000 is a dedicated AI hardware appliance. Just plug it right into your existing network, and then effortlessly transfer calls to it from any vendorís SIP based digital PBX, to enable your organization to deliver a brand new, completely digital, customer experience. It can be used to automate a portion of the conversationally driven tasks now being performed by people within your sales and marketing, operations, IT, finance, customer service, investor relations, legal and HR departments. The platform is completely self-contained, and seamlessly combines the world of VOIP telephony with a state of the art deep learning AI environment. Enabling you to deploy very smart, personable, domain focused, informational (FAQ) and transactional Voice Bots. Which can be accessed from anywhere in the world using a standard telephone, for a fraction of the cost of talking to a person. For additional information please call nTeligence Corporation at (609)-651-0070, or write to info@nteligence.com