nTeligence Leapfrogs Microsoft And OpenAI With The VoiceBot GPT v5 System

Princeton Junction, NJ, July 6th, 2023 – nTeligence Corporation has announced the availability of the VoiceBot GPT version 5. The machine serves as a platform upon which to build and deploy voice driven generative AI applications. It seamlessly combines a full featured SIP based digital PBX, complete with call center capabilities, along with a state of the art generative AI environment. Enabling users to talk to software robots (voicebots) on the phone through the public switched telephone network (PSTN). The appliance can answer your most frequently asked questions, create photographic quality artwork and write associated copy, author Python code based solely upon a description of the program, as well as duplicate and synthesize any human voice, or speech pattern, so you can feel at ease talking to someone from the very same town you grew up in.


The appliance is completely self-contained and includes a full set of pre-built deep learning models that can be finetuned using an organization’s own internal, domain specific, training data. It is not dependent upon any cloud based AI service. As a result, there is no risk of a “service outage” lasting many hours. The VoiceBot GPT was engineered to be liquid cooled, built upon a hardened Linux operating system, and is targeted for deployment at the very edge of the network. This eliminates the fatal design flaw inherent in today’s densely packed data centers, which has already led to the meltdown of thousands of rack mounted servers. This issue stems from the cloud data center’s monolithic, centralized air conditioning system which is subject to catastrophic failure from something as commonplace as a mid-afternoon thunderstorm. From a financial perspective, unlike cloud based AI services, there are no incremental costs incurred whenever a deep learning model is executed, nor are there any limits imposed on the volume or frequency of system usage.


Across various industries there are many different uses for the VoiceBot GPT v5. In such areas as sales and marketing, customer service and support, information technology, legal, R & D,  finance and human resources. As nTeligence Corporation’s founder and CEO Marc Schneiderman states, “From a business perspective, the opportunity to use the VoiceBot GPT v5 system to automate rote, repetitive, voice based conversational tasks is immense. Gartner research predicts that in the contact center space alone, there is an opportunity to reduce human labor costs by eighty (80) billion dollars a year across the globe.”


From a functional perspective, the VoiceBot GPT was designed to replace Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems, as well as text based chatbots. Existing IVR systems can only recognize a limited number of spoken words, as well as interpret touch tones representing individual alpha numeric values. IVR systems can be very frustrating from a customer experience (CX) perspective, especially when getting stuck in the proverbial “endless loop”, being placed on hold indefinitely, or routed to the wrong queue. When comparing voicebots to existing IVR systems, a digital agent can answer calls instantaneously. Without the user ever having to navigate through a set of menus or be placed on hold waiting in a queue. When considering the use of traditional keyboard driven chatbots, the main drawback is that the average person can speak about one hundred and forty (140) words per minute but can only type forty (40) in the same timeframe. When comparing the overall performance of voicebots to chatbots, the former can communicate information much more quickly, reducing the time needed to provide responses to users most frequently asked questions (FAQs) and resolve issues.


nTeligence is a woman owned, emerging, generative AI company based in Princeton Junction, New Jersey. Being located close to Princeton University allows our team to leverage the expertise of some of the world’s most foremost linguistic scholars. We are focused on product development, delivery of professional services, as well as performing pure and applied research into the field of artificial intelligence. For additional information please contact nTeligence Corporation at, or call 609-651-0070.


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* Throttling in refence to CPU cores means that some are shut down, or taken offline, as temperatures rise. This leads directly to a reduction in system performance.