nTeligence is focused on designing and building commercial quality intelligent assistants, electronic advisors, and chatbots. These "Smart Machines" can work across a broad range of industries, extending the capabilities and enhancing the productivity of financial advisors, HR recruiters, claims processors, underwriters, paralegals, utilization review nurses, customer service agents, technical support representatives, accountants, detectives, and physicians. To learn more contact our sales team at (561) 922-8054, or drop a note to sales@nteligence.com.


Does your chatbot or virtual assistant have a personality? We are working on approaches to enhance a computers ability to fully understand the English language. This will enable smoother conversational flows, during question and response driven dialogs. The benefit is a more user friendly, voice driven, interface that will have the ability to actually develop rapport with your workforce, or customers..

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cognition is an Artificial Intelligence Operating System (AIOS) used to build  intelligent assistants, electronic advisors, chatbots. Systems that can augment the tasks currently being performed by your workforce within a speciific domain. The heart of the platform is a cognitive computing engine and framework which abstracts ...

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nTeligence provides a full range of professional services relating to cognitive computing technology. This includes performing an initial analysis and assessment of where smart machines can be best utilized within an organization. We also architect, design, and build virtual assistants to client's custom specifications using our cognition platform ...

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nTeligence has implemented two different partnership programs. The first is for firms wishing to deliver cognitive computing services to their own clients using our cognition platform. The second is for organizations with subject matter expertise that would like to work with us to build virtual assistants for a given occupation, or domain for resale to ...

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  • Introductory VideonTeligence has begun to publish informational videos on our YouTube channel. The very first is an introduction to our company and the cognition artifical intelligence operating system.
  • Recent Blog PostsIn alignment with our goal of maintaining "thought leadership" in the field of cognitive computing we have begun to write technical blog posts, but in easy to understand layman's terms. The first is "Where Does Cognition Need To Live?", and the second being "Why Algorithms Alone Are Not Enough.
  • Latest NewsnTeligence Corporation recently unveiled its True Meaning (tm) technology, which allows a computer to fully comprehend the meaning of textual information within a bounded domain...

Company Mission

Building Assistants For Your Workforce

Our goal is to build intelligent assistants that will help to make your workers more productive in their jobs. So that their work can be completed in less time, with fewer errors, and at a lower cost. By incorporating software based electronic advisors the workload of your employees can be reduced, resulting in less stress and pressure on them. This will also allow your workers to focus more on the really important tasks that require abstract thought and creativity.

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